Chrome Trim - 5 Feet
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Chrome Trim

Chrome Trim



(5 Foot Minimum)




Easy to Install

Show Chrome Shine

UV Resistant

Adhesive Built in for Strong Hold

Protects Against Minor Damage

Looks Fantastic

Cuts Easy for Custom Use



This Chrome Trim is Great for Fenders, Gas Tanks, Hard Saddlebags, Windshields and Much More!



Just Slide the Flexible U-Shape Design on any Edge up to 1/4" Thick!




Put that Chromed Hog® Touch on Your Ride!



  • Item #: 32005
  • Manufacturer: Chromed Hog® Inc.
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 32001

Chrome Trim - 5 Feet

Price: $5.95
2 or more: $4.98 each
4 or more: $4.74 each
10 or more: $3.99 each
20 or more: $2.99 each
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